radioactive animals

Jacek's first comic book features a family of foxes who comes to terms with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and looks at the miraculous revival of nature after the deadly blast.

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The Art of Hippo

This little zine showcases some of Jacek's best work of 2020, talks about his creative process and looks at the inspiration behind his work. Some pieces also available as prints.

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Sharp like a pike

Jacek's latest publishing looks at one of the largest and most feared freshwater predators. Interactive, funny and informative, it's a great guide to the life of the Northern pike.

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about me

I am a freelance illustrator and designer based in Dublin, Ireland. With a strong passion for nature I depict vivid and colorful landscapes in my work, focusing on a broad spectrum of animals including fishes, birds and land mammals.

I have primarily worked with environmental organizations to create book covers, editorial, posters, leaflets, banners and campaign illustrations.

Some of my clients include Oceana, Birdwatch Ireland, Irish Wildlife Trust, Stavanger University, Science Friday, Sciaena and Dublin Inquirer.

I also run an Etsy store with my wife, selling books, prints and other art goodies.

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For all commission requests please send me an email to: