radioactive animals

Jacek's first comic book features a family of foxes who comes to terms with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and looks at the miraculous revival of nature after the deadly blast.

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obscure cycle

The author's second book features one of the most incredible migration cycles witnessed on Earth. This book dives into the secrets of a truly unique creature, a European eel.

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Sharp like a pike

Jacek's latest publishing looks at one of the largest and most feared freshwater predators. Interactive, funny and informative, it's a great guide to the life of the Northern pike.

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about me

I am a freelance illustrator and designer based in Dublin, Ireland. With a strong passion for digital illustration I love creating all things related to nature and wilderness. My focal characters are mostly forest and marine animals thrown into the most unpredictable and quirky scenery.

The projects I have been involved in include book cover and illustration, editorial, poster and banner design.

Some of the clients I have worked with are Dublin Inquirer, Oceana, Birdwatch Ireland, Hopfully Brewing and Padraic Fogarty of Irish Wildlife Trust.

Drop me a line if you wish to collaborate, hire me for a commission or simply say hi and chat.

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